“you have arrived at your destination” (olly olly oxen free)





“Grace is not just the source of salvation, it is meant to sustain us.”

I loved this weekend’s worship experience!  As always it was such a powerful and beautiful blend of worshiping and learning and growing in His grace together.  I’m just so thankful to get to be planted in such rich soil, around such incredible people all across the state of Montana and beyond, who encourage me and inspire me and spur me on in my walk with Jesus.

This weekend my husband preached Galatians 3:19 – 4:7, and first of all I want to reiterate my appreciation for my husband and how hard he works to bring God’s word week in and week out.  Thank you sweet heart for your steady, consistent, passionate heart to preach and teach every week.

It was a powerful message on what we have IN CHRIST:

1. There is life in Christ.

2.  There is maturity in Christ.

3.  There is adoption in Christ.

4.  There is an inheritance in Christ. (my favorite, because everything that is Christ’s is ours!!!!)

The law locked us up, until Christ came, and now we are free in Christ!  The law tries to keep us bound up in chains, so whenever we try to keep the law on our own strength, we’re just putting chains on ourselves, when we have already arrived at our destination!

Although it was super sad, I loved the story at the end of the man who kept trying to fight for the Filipino Island unnecessarily for thirty years.  What a picture of how legalism wastes our lives away, but there is true, real, meaningful life in Christ.

Have fun reading through Galatians this week! So much love to you!