“while you were sleeping” #OffTheChainSeries


My husband called it, and it was truly the best Mother’s Day weekend in this House.  What special worship experiences all across the state of Montana!

I love my church, I love getting to gather together on the weekend so we can scatter to where God has called us to serve Him and love others and shine the light.

I loved this weekend in Galatians, as we learned that salvation has nothing to do with us.

“The greatest thing about you, doesn’t even have anything to do with you.”

And learning that just like God saved Abraham, He saves us, by HIS righteousness and power, not our own.

It’s by grace through faith, every single day.

“I’m gonna run this race by grace!”

If you missed this weekend, be sure to catch up here.

And I hope you’re enjoying reading through the book of Galatians on your own.  It’s been fun to mix up the versions of the Bible too, I recently read through the New International Readers Version, and it was great!

Love you all, have a wonderful week!