“where there’s a will”





“God’s Word works effectively in you as long as there is a will and a faith to receive it.”

We tremble before God’s Word, and as my husband preached it this weekend, it was POWERFUL!

I love this message and if you missed it, you’ve gotta catch it.

We learned from 1 Thessalonians this weekend that where there’s a will…

…there’s a WAR.

“Look at the hostility we face as the significance of the mission.”

…there’s a WAY.

“Whatever He calls you to, He is prepared to see you through.”

Meanwhile! We must learn to look at failure differently.

…there’s an inheritance.

“Your reward on that day is determined on what you do on this day.”

Some shots from this weekend:

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See you next week as we continue, Our Glory and Joy!

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