“wait for it” hug it out


blog_jennie2Let me begin by telling you that you need to listen to this weekend’s message right here, right now.  Did you already hear it? Then you should listen to it again.

My husband preached his heart out this weekend.  He preaches like this every weekend, like it’s the first time, and just as if it was the last time. Such passion and boldness and love and fury and fire.  God has anointed him powerfully to preach the Word, and I count myself incredibly and crazily honored to be led by him in this church, and in our home.  I will follow him as he follows Christ all my days.

Every point resonated in my soul.  My husband even brought out some major nostalgia bringing up what it was like to watch TV as a kid – appointment TV, not on demand.  Our kids have no idea what that even is.  And I love love love how he compared that to how we can often view God.  We think we can decide when God does things, but He isn’t on demand, He moves by appointment, on His time.

If I had to choose one point to highlight, I would choose the fifth:

“God wants you to live in the land of WOW, not the land of WOE.”

I loved when my husband brought up a truth that he also taught last week: how we should anticipate with excitement what God is going to do in advance.  Planning future amazement.  This weekend he put it this way:

“What if we woke up every morning excited with expectation for what God had for us that day?  What if we started the day saying, “I believe God has plans for this day, and I want to be a part of it.  I  am amazed at what God will do.”

What and attitude of faith!

“A little altitude can change your attitude.”

I know it seems impossible to wake up every morning with such exuberance and excitement.  And we won’t always feel it, but as we know God more, as we grow in grace and in love and in faith, God will change the atmosphere of our hearts, even when our feelings aren’t there at first.  That’s another way to live by faith. Trusting that God is who He says He is, and that He will do great things.  I love it!

I’m so looking forward to this week, as I get to put into practice the things I’ve learned through this message. I’m also excited as we get ready for and pray for the Harvest Crusade with Pastor Greg Laurie next weekend.  What great things God is doing, and God will do!