“there’s no place like Home” #goldfromGolgotha

“You never have to worry about anything you commit to God.”


What a beautiful weekend in this House.  I’m so thankful to be planted in the House of the Lord!  I’m so thankful for this body of believers God is building together as a holy habitation for our God.  What a dream team, and what a wonderful time to be walking with Jesus, growing in Him, and getting to serve Him, seeing people surrender their lives to God and never be the same!  Amazing!

“There is power in committing  your spirit into God’s hands.”

This series! This message! What victory, what comfort, what access, what an example we have in Jesus Christ.  His words from the cross are so powerful and so golden! And my life is forever changed and greatly impacted from this series of messages, my husband’s faithfulness to preach the Word, and by this team that I get to serve God with. Goodness!!

“Only Jesus can save you.  Only you can commit your spirit to God.”

It was a special weekend taking communion, as my husband says, “tasting forgiveness” and singing powerful songs, and studying God’s Word, and also seeing the picture of our Lenya Bird on the screen with her Ruby Red Sparkly Toms.  Special.

I love how my husband had the idea to give out bracelets with gold skulls on them for our church to remember what they learned in this series.  I’m thankful for these messages, and I can’t wait for these next few weeks leading up to Skull Church Majestic and Fresh Life Easter!  Lord, we commit our lives to You, and we commit these outreaches to You!

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