“the word is out”




I love the book of 1 Thessalonians, and I love that my husband is teaching through this book in this series, Our Glory and Joy.

This weekend my husband preached a message that recharged us and challenged us in how we are leaving our mark in the lives around us.  Learning from the Church in Thessalonica was so powerful and I’m so excited for this series!

My husband also gave us homework to read Acts 16 and 17, and he also recommended a great book that I just started and it’s incredible!  Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  When my husband suggests a book, I would definitely take note of it and read it.  He’s such an incredible reader (which is one of the reasons why he’s such a great leader!) so you know it’s really good when he mentions it!

We learned four powerful connections:

+ Correction & Affirmation – who in your life can you speak life into this week?

“Wise leaders always praise what they want to see repeated.”

+ Communication & Demonstration – follow your leader as they follow Christ

“live out your faith and give others an example to follow.”

+ Tribulation & Jubilation

“Take the joy with the trouble and the trouble with the joy.”

+ Reception & Transmission – the Thessalonians didn’t just take in, they gave out

“See fire and send fire.”

And what a party it was this weekend!  And students! Be sure to sign up for MVMNT Camp!

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  • Jordyn Davis

    This message could not have been more timely for me as a mom. Lately we have entered a new season of life where I am working more. When Levi said who in your life could you lead in a more positive way. Or speak to with more gentleness (is what I took away) immediately I thought of my kids. I struggle with disciplining them and leading them at times. Especially when the pressure is on in the week and we have a full schedule. There was a wave of peace that came over me as the sermon opened I knew right away the Lord was speaking to my heart. This past Saturday was a particularly hard day with the kids and Jonathan and I both were just at a loss of what to do with them. The simple and yet so powerful reminder of giving praise to what is being done right. I think Levi said he could go weeks riding a compliment. THAT was the answer I was searching for. We give our boys lots of praise but lately I had fallen trap to telling them what needed to be done, when, and to do it NOW. The frustration that had crept into this house was tangible. Sunday afternoon I was able to apologize to them and ask their forgiveness. Starting fresh today and leaning on the Lord to guide my every step in raising these three boys. I know it’s a journey and we will have our ups and downs but I want in this and every area of my life, to be a place my kids look back on and describe as Joy. Thank you Jennie and tell Levi I say thank you as well. Your examples and godly obedience has a stretch so far I am astounded by it. Our family is better for being in the ripple effect you have created. And I am honored to know you both and grow in this grove. Thank you.