“the struggle is real” hug it out



I am a hugger.  I love how a hug is such a simple thing but can mean so much.

So I like Habakkuk already, as his name means “one who embraces or hugs” and I love this series already!

“Habakkuk is one who was relentlessly holding onto God even when he didn’t know what God was doing.”

I’m in awe of how God has gifted my husband to story tell and to make God’s Word understandable.  Not that His Word isn’t understandable, but my husband explains it in a way that helps me understand so much more!  I was talking with someone after a worship experience and he said how in his fifty years, he hadn’t understood Habakkuk in this way! God is good, and my husband is amazing.

Okay, so one of my favorite points was the fourth:

#4:  When you’re hurting, fall back on what you know and rise up above it all:  This is so incredibly key in our walks with Christ!  We are always going to be in some place where we are going to need to utilize this truth.  To remember who God is, and how He loves us, and how He is our Rock and our Lord.  It’s so important to struggle WITH God, to have a hard time and doubt WITH Him. Not without Him, not against Him, but hug it out with God.  I love this so much!!

“Thy will be done is the best prayer to pray.”

And I loved how my husband wrapped it up with the legos.

“God is a Stacker.  He is able to stack the difficult, the hard, the weird things together into something beautiful.”

Listen to this message, and be sure to join us and bring a friend with you next week as we keep learning to Hug It Out.