“the shipwreck” #sixships

jesusWe got to look at the sixth ship in this series, the last one, and while I’ve loved every single sermon, I think this one was my favorite!

This passage in Acts 27 is just so good, and as my husband preached with such passion and conviction, God was just moving in such power through him.

Be sure to listen to this message, but here are a few of my notes:

“Leadership is not a title, it’s a lifestyle.”

He talked about how Paul took the opportunity and spoke up.  He led with his life.  One of the amazing things to me about Paul was how he was a leader with his life, BUT he honored the leadership in his life.  He didn’t lead a mutiny against Julius, but Paul told him his concerns and then went with the leadership God had placed in his life.  This is so so so important!  We won’t always agree with everything our leaders do, but God has placed them in our lives for a very specific reason and purpose and we must honor those people.

“When you’re bit building a fire, shake it off and burn brighter.”

This is a game changing truth.  Holding on to this in ministry and in life is HUGE.  Like my husband preached, “whenever God’s people shine the light, the snakes come out.”  And we must not dwell on the snake bites and the pain and the hurt and the betrayal, we must learn to shake it off and allow those things to cause us to burn even brighter.  God is big enough and strong enough and loving enough to handle the snakes, we’ve got to learn to have thick skin and let the water flow under the bridge.  Shake that snake. and sometimes it’s a matter of shaking it off every single day!

Praise God for this weekend, and for this Six Ships series!  I’m SO looking forward to our new Hug It Out series through the book of Habakkuk.  And I can’t wait for Rock This City and the new vision for it for this year.  God has great things for us Fresh Life, love you all!