“the point of no return”



The first week in this series was comforting, and this message was just plain convicting and I’m SO thankful for it!  Listen now if you missed it.

“Your feelings are real, but they’re not the boss of you.”

This subject of taming our tantrums and bad moods is something that I have really struggled with my whole life.  I have never really learned how to handle them or practice self-control as a young person, and so when Levi and I got married, this was the biggest issue that I felt like it has taken such a long time to even gain any traction in this.

As God has grown me in this area, he has used my husband to be a consistent and steady source of encouragement and guidance.  When I’m tempted to slip into a tantrum, Levi tenderly asks me if this is how I want my day to go, and it reminds me that I have the choice to OVERRIDE the tantrum and choose to let the peace of God rule in my heart.

“Your self-control is like protection for your soul.”

I’m so thankful for these truths my husband preached with such humility and transparency.  And I’m so thankful for this series and how it’s launching us all into this year, challenging us in such deep, intense, and practical ways.

I love how my husband equipped us with the 6 gages or the 6 pack to help us navigate and tame the tantrum.

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