“the family is a microphone” #isthisthingon


“The four walls of the home form a speaker that broadcasts the contents of your heart to a waiting and watching world.”

I love this weekend’s message with all my heart.

If you missed it, you should catch up right now if you can. Listen here.

There was so much truth and so many things that God was speaking to me through my husband, and I’m just so thankful that I get to listen three times and let the message sink in and simmer.

“Marriage is two best friends helping each other become more like Jesus.”

This statement has been ringing in my ears in such a good way. It’s a simple statement, one that you would think a married person should know, but to remember this truth every day is a huge game changer. To “out-serve each other” to “give more grace” and to remember that “marriage is meant to send the message of the gospel” are some of the simple yet profound truths that my husband preached, that are resounding in my heart.

And I loved so much the point my husband made that no matter what stage we are at in life, the power in the home comes through being planted in the house of God. We will flourish and grow and thrive abundantly when we are planted in the house.

I pray that you grow deeper in Christ this week as you use the microphone God has given you for His glory!

Some phone shots from this amazing weekend at fresh life:

photo 2-1

photo 3-1

[that’s my adorable sister singing, by the way. follow her on twitter – @chelsinator1 – (she’s funny and encouraging)]

  • Misty Foster

    Your marriage has been a testimony to so many. If a marriage founded in the power and grace of Jesus can sustain the pain you have walked through, then can’t the rest of us walk through less? Thank you for your example.

    • jennie lusko

      Thank you Misty, God is so good. So much love to you!