“the art of being Blessable”


I love how we have these next few weeks to hear the special things God puts on my husband’s heart to give us.  This weekend was just straight up fire for my soul, with so many things for me to ask God to work in my life.

My husband asked us to take this test to see if we are indeed blessable with questions like:

“How hard are you making it for God to hook you up?”

“How faith-filled is the atmosphere of your soul?”

and with the points being:

If you are blessable….

1. …you live from a place of contentment – you are happy with the lines God has determined for your life.

2. …you worship as a way of life – “When you worship Him, you pull His presence into your present.”

3. …you impart life to others – giving instead of taking – that in every encounter, people would leave with you having spoken life over them

4. …you have a vigorous spirit – your heart overflows with a good theme, and your soul is strong, healthy, and energetic

5. …you give the benefit of the doubt – you assume the best, not the worst; you have a Holy Spirit naiveté that believes the best about every person.

Well, I’ll go now to ask God to keep working these things in me, because I’m far from where I want to be, but praise God I’m closer than I was before!  Thank You Lord, for being faithful to complete the work You have begun in me!

If you missed it, grab it here.