“that just happened” hug it out



So. That just happened. Literally. This weekend just happened and I was floored. To reference the verse my husband pointed out, there is really no other place to be that in the House of the Lord.  A thousand days elsewhere completely pales in comparison to one day in His courts.

Worship all across the state was incredible as we introduced a new Elevation Worship song, “The King is Among Us.”  And we sang one of my personal favorites that strikes a vulnerable chord in my soul, “To Be Like You.” I just love being in the House, worshipping together.  Again, nothing like it in this world, but is in every way preparing us for what lies ahead in eternity.

And my favorite preacher preached the paint/wallpaper off the walls of all our campuses. And a stitched up/wrapped up thumb didn’t stop him at all.

We learned this week from Habakkuk these extremely important truths:

1. Ordering is easy when you know the menu by heart – the Bible is the menu to our prayer lives, and we must know what God has done in the past in order to ask Him to do it again (aka Revival!).

2.  Your greatest need isn’t information, it’s revelation – it’s not the answers to our why’s that will help us, it’s the glimpses of God’s glory that will.

“God’s glory will change how you view your story.”

3.  The largest pain calls for the loudest praise – this was out of control amazing and you need to listen to the message to get this, but we’ve got to get shiggy with it.  Worship your way through it.

“There is a melody trapped in your misery.”

4.  Scream if you gotta scream, but don’t let go – Habakkuk goes from a sob, to a scream, to a song.  He goes from wailing and wondering to waiting and then worshipping. I love this. My husband put this so perfectly how pain and grief is real and raw and not pretty most of the time. But we’ve got to work it out, hug it out.  Do what we’ve got to do in the pain, let it out, but not let go of our God who loves us so deeply and so tenderly.

“Seeing God’s glory didn’t change Habakkuk’s circumstances, but it changed him.”

Take a listen to this incredible message and be sure to join us for the finale of Hug It Out next week.  Also, like our campus pastors mentioned,  be thinking and praying about who you can invite and bring to our new series, Arrows.








  • Joy

    Just caught up on reading your blog… i love reading your notes from church! And so fun to recognize a couple faces in the photos!!!!!
    : ) Joy