“standing on tip-toes at the edge of eternity” (how to lean into the groan)

Through the Eyes of a Lion series


My husband preached life-changing truths from his book this weekend, and if we put these things into practice, our lives will literally be changed.  If we let Him, God can dilate the pupils of our souls and we’ll be able to make it through to Sunday.  Catch the message here if you missed it!

“The groaning is from God and for God.”

I love how he opened up with lions’ ability to see in the dark.  Because what a picture of us being able to truly see with more clarity and brightness in our darkness.

“The groaning can be fought or fostered, it can be dulled or deepened.”

Leaning into the groan…

…gives us a different sort of evaluation through life’s difficulties.

…gives us traction. we must foster our love for the next world.

…prepares us for constant action.

“God wants you to steward your suffering.”

…gives us greater elevation.

“God keeps the groaning inside us to lead us home.”

I pray God uses these truths to change how we all see our lives and our circumstances, and that we can all live our lives standing on our tip-toes at the edge of eternity, eagerly awaiting with earnest expectation what God has for us now, and the future hope that awaits us in Jesus Christ.

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