“slipping through the cracks”

Honey I Shrunk the Church

I’ve loved this series with all my heart.  What vital messages for the heartbeat of our church.  Of who we are, what we do, why we do it…beautiful!

This message on the spider tho.  Powerful!

“Potential gets unleashed when you leverage your platform.”

We learned what it looks like to use the platform – the microphone – God has given us.  There is so much to learn from the spider!

~ Opportunity: “where can you spin a web that others can’t?”

~ Quality: be wicked awesome. let your hard work speak for itself.

~ Integrity: strength comes from integrity

~ Sensitivity: let the Holy Spirit give you discernment

“The more you apply yourself, the more people will listen to you.”

Also, by way of book recommendation, my husband told us about The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, in case you missed it.  And keep scrolling for the picture you came to see…


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  • Randi Long

    I just laughed so hard! <3

  • Jennifer Lloyd Green

    I would know that Spidey stance anywhere … seriously, that is a total Pastor Levi pose!!! Thanks for posting the photo!! Glad I overcame my arachnophobia enough to sit through the message 🙂 OH, and he talked about SENSITIVITY !!!! We may be softening the Warrior a bit …

  • Jordyn Davis

    That last picture is so great! Love you luskos!