“set the pace” ARROWS {rhythm}

“The only way to set the pace for your home, is to set the pace for yourself.”

blog_jennie04What a fantastic weekend at fresh life!  I love how we are one house with many rooms all over the state of Montana and online, and I’m just so thankful to get to be one of the bricks being built up within this house.

This sermon is so important for us all.  My husband imparted such wisdom and practical, helpful tools for all of us in the seasons of life we are currently in.  Learning how to set the pace in our lives and within our homes is essential.  My husband gave five “buckets” for us to use in our lives to find the natural rhythm that will help us build our homes as we move toward legacy.

The buckets are:

1. Schedule

2. Discipline

3. Rest

4. Vision

5. Romance

And if you’re in a fresh life group, you’ll get the sixth bucket.

Every point was so helpful for me. I feel like God has been growing me in these areas, and I’m so thankful for His loving guidance in my life and for my husband’s loving leadership in my life and in our home.  He’s such a wise and courageous leader and pastor!

Grab this message and bring your notebook and take notes, you will learn so much!

“Let Heaven set the pace for your life.”