“protected from profit and loss” #rampart


The finale of our rampart series!  It really is so sad to say good bye to Philippians for now.  This has been an incredible time through an amazing book of the Bible, learning such life lessons through my husband. And make sure and listen to it, you can right here.

This week was such a great reminder as we learned how “our real worth has nothing to do with our net worth” and how “joy goes deeper than what we have (or don’t have) in the bank.”

I just love Paul’s example and his heart. Always rejoicing, always looking toward Heaven, always thinking of others. Always! I cannot say that about myself. I wish I could. But I have selfish moments often, and I want to be more like Paul, and have such a real, genuine pouring out of joy and selflessness.

I think one of my favorite points was:

“God doesn’t want something from you, He has something for you.”

Paul sought the fruit that would abound to their account. He wanted their fruit and treasure in Heaven to be abundant and rich as a result of their generosity. Beautiful.  I love how my husband said (and has said before) how when we give, “whatever is done with the money we give, it’s as though we do it ourselves.” And we always say, “what we do, you do” or to put it another way, the people who stay home and man the fort, are doing the same as those who go out and fight.  When we’re planted in the house, when we give sacrificially, when we risk the ocean together, we’re doing just that – we’re doing it together. Yes, we can do things on our own, but how much better to run with horses together?

The Philippian church a generous church, let’s follow in their steps and give generously and sacrificially!

So much love to you all!