“protected from pride” #rampart

I love that the joy of the Lord can protect us from pride and its poison.

This message from Philippians 2:1-11 was my favorite and deeply life changing.

“Pride doesn’t stand a chance when Jesus births joy in your heart, and it leads to humility.”

I loved the picture my husband gave us of how humility is like a catapult being ratcheted deep down, in order to be launched into higher heights of all that God has for us.  How the lower we go, the higher He will take us.

My husband extracted truths from this passage that is truly life altering. Points 2-4, if applied to our lives, has the potential of truly changing how we live and how we impact life now, and on into eternity.

#2: Pride always divides – unity is the key to strength, and there can be no unity without humility. We can not forsake the assembling of ourselves together – and not just come together in body, but in heart. #heartandsoul We’ve got to ditch the me and focus on the we!

#3: Your thoughts are a limited commodity, blessing is not – humility is not thinking less of yourself, but it’s thinking of yourself less. We can use our thoughts to think of others to make their lives better, and the blessing from that is endless. Humility is the secret to joy and to blessing.

#4. The cure for conceit is the cross – when we think of Jesus and the cross, it should cause us to pour contempt on all our pride (#awesomesauce on the #selfiesundae); it should turn our stomaches to put ourselves first in light of the cross.

Don’t take my word for it, take a listen to this message and be prepared to write down what God teaches you.

“In everything the example is Jesus.”

I hope this week is full of opportunities to put these truths into practice, and to see the beauty of thinking of God first, of thinking of others more, and of thinking of yourself less!

Heart & Soul.

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