“off the hook” #sorrynotsorry


“There must be confession in order to repair and rebuild the bridges of our relationships that have been broken.”

It was such an amazing message this weekend as we learned how to be the one to receive the apology and extend forgiveness.  The story in Matthew 18 that Jesus told His disciples is crazy, and like my husband said, it’s so obvious to us reading and learning this story how wrong the servant was, but sometimes it’s harder to see with the same clarity in our own lives with our own situations.

I LOVED this:

“Forgiveness is not a specified amount, but a constant attitude and way of life.”

And another one of my favorite things my husband preached was when he brought up Isaiah 42:3 – “a smoking flax He will not quench…”

My husband said that Jesus was the kind of person who would blow on the slightest little bit of fire, not stomp it out because of its worthlessness. Jesus sees the little bit of faith we have, even if it’s really really tiny, and He encourages the bright spot.  We need to be people who encourage the bright spot and not shut down the people around us.

“Encourage the bright spot.”

My favorite point:

“You’re never more like God than when you forgive.”

God continues to pour out grace and His mercy is abundant. We must give more grace, more grace, in our relationships.

Please be sure to catch this message, and this whole series. I’m telling you, it’s life-changing principles from God’s Word that will change your heart and perspective and ultimately the relationships in your life!

“Less math, more LOVE because love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs.”

It’s sad to see this series go, but I’m SO excited for “A Controlled Burn” coming this weekend!