“not enough fire” #acontrolledburn

“Our lives are meant to be characterized by a controlled burn.”


I firmly believe that this is going to be a pivotal series in the history of our church as well as for other churches. And I am so excited to learn and grow in this area, and to grow in my own dependence on the Spirit in my soul and in my daily life.

“We’re meant to be so dependent on the Holy Spirit that it would be like our oxygen is taken away if He was taken from us.”

The subject of the Holy Spirit can be a scary topic, and as my husband preached this weekend, we don’t want to only be guilty of the abuse of the Spirit but also of neglect, and pretending like He’s not even there. We want to “find the balance of what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit, and stay on the course and stay in the saddle.”

“A Christian is a person in whom the Holy Spirit dwells and makes His home.”

One of my favorite points was the last one: “The Problem isn’t the Supply, it’s the Demand” – it’s not that there isn’t enough of the Spirit to be given out, it’s our asking to be filled and used by Him that is the issue. He wants to give and do MUCH MORE!

“We can’t do anything eternally significant or meaningful on our own. We need to be lit up by the Holy Spirit to live.”

Catch this message “Not Enough Fire” and be sure to tune in to the series as I know it will bring so much depth and growth in your walk with Jesus! Have a great week as you allow God to work these truths into your everyday living!

  • Stseick

    I have been praying for God to reveal Himself in my quiet time. Pastor Levi’s message could not have been more timely. As I read your blog (over and over), I reflect on the way I have neglected the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I just busy myself with things and neglect the “still small voice” as I hurry into and about my day, but usually I’m just plain guilty of not asking the Holy Spirit to fill me BEFORE I rush head long into the flurry of daily life. ~Sheila

    • jennie lusko

      thank you for sharing your heart Sheila 🙂 love you!!

  • Amberly Tanzosh

    Oh man! You should have seen Eddie and I last night as we watched the message. On the edge of our seats, “amen-ing” right here in our living room. SO good and we were so excited for this series to start. Also, I cannot tell you enough how much I look forward to you updating your blog. I love that you share your weekend notes as well as what you’re learning. Love you!

    • jennie lusko

      that’s so awesome! thank you Amberly! love you!