“mind your business”



“God’s will for your life is that you will be like Jesus.”

I loved this weekend’s message.  Learning to mind our business, but more in the British sense, of watching out for our business and giving thought and care for our lives…SO powerful!

I’m so thankful for how my husband studies so diligently and for how he consistently preaches the Word in season and out of season.  This weekend, learning how Paul encouraged the Thessalonians to grow and abound more and more was amazing.  Paul was telling these new believers that the Christian life was all about walking and learning and growing in holiness.

I also loved so much God’s providence and timing with this message being right before our o2 experience tour.  Like my husband said, if we are telling the message of life, death, sex, and romance, then we’ve got to be living out what we’re calling people to.  Purity is God’s will for us, so we must live it and as we do, call out this generation to God’s best for their lives!

We’ve got to mind our business and increase more and more in:


“To fight against the Holy Spirit is to fight against your bodyguard – the One who was given to fight for us.”

“Holiness isn’t something He wants from us, but for us.”



“The more you’re in sync with God, the more you’re in sync with God’s people.”

“It takes a village to live a holy life.”



“The wrong ambition robs you of the tranquility you were meant to have.”

“Make it your ambition to not be so ambitious.” – JB Phillips

I love that last point so much, and this week I want to walk in this – to walk in all God has for me, to live quietly, to work hard with my hands, and enjoy the season I’m in.  Whether I’m in a crazy season or not, I can live with the peace that I was meant to have.  Thank you Lord for Your peace that passes understanding.


  • Esther Littlefield

    Really loved this message as well! I’ve been listening on the podcast all the way over in Maine, and I am always encouraged when I listen.