#microphone – “destined for impact”

Happy July! I love the fresh start of a new series. There is always so much excitement and anticipation looking forward to all that God is going to teach us and grow us in.

Microphone is all about influence. Our influence. How God has given us a unique and special platform, and how to live a life of impact no matter where we are.

“What are you doing with your microphone? Your voice is too good to waste on yourself. We are to live to make Jesus famous!”

During his third point, my husband pointed out so well that sometimes our lives don’t feel special or unique or glamorous or worthy to be broadcasted, but that’s exactly it! No matter what we are doing, no matter what our lives look like, no matter the glamor or lack thereof, God has given us this platform and it’s a microphone to the world, and it’s always on! And I love that for me, at home, in the “little things” like making breakfast or doing laundry, or changing diapers or reading stories, these things can actually make an impact as I seek to use this platform God has given me.  Nothing is too little or too big for God to use, and I love that! We can all do our part wherever we’re at!

“The closer we are to Jesus, the more God can use us. And the  more we look to Jesus, the more radiant our lives are.”

And I loved the truth that my husband brought up that “unity is the key to volume.” The picture of the body of Christ uniting and making our voice loud by saying the same thing together is just beautiful!

“When we unite, there’s no one we can’t reach and there’s nothing we can’t do!”

And I love this so much about our church, fresh life, as we run with horses, and as we risk the ocean together!

Catch this message here, and have a fabulous week using the microphone God has given you!