“microphone confusion” #isthisthingon


I loved this 5th installment of our microphone series so much! Catch the message here if you missed it, or if you want to listen again!

The past four messages have been all about how we can use our microphone that God has put in our hands, and this weekend was all about how that very same microphone that God can use for His glory, can also be dangerous when not used in the right way.

“You’re influential and loud even when you’re disobedient.”

My husband brought up the example of Jonah which was so perfect. When we are disobedient to God, the microphone is still in our hands, and we can do so much damage to the gospel and to the process of showing people God’s love.

“Pride will hit the mute button on your microphone.”

My husband explained how “there’s nothing more detrimental to our destiny or more harmful to our calling than pride.” And it’s so true that we must continually humble ourselves and realize the extreme honor it is to serve God and to be doing what we’re doing whatever that might be. We have such a great Savior who has saved us, and now, anything we get to be a part of we should consider an honor and a privilege, always!

It was an amazing worship experience all across Montana and here are some pics I snapped from the weekend:

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

the Billings team rocks and it’s always a joy to be there! We meet at a former Casino at the Rimrock Mall and our team has made it perfect in there.

photo 2

photo 1photo 5

And this shot is from our Missoula campus (photo credit: @elishaguido)

photo 4

I love my church!