“man overboard!” (flight mode) #sixships

jonahWhat a special weekend at fresh life all across the state of Montana!  All our teams worked so hard to make these worship experiences happen.  I’m always so amazed by our team, the quality and care that each person puts into their area of serving – fresh life kids teams, guest services, worship teams, design, production crews, security – we just work so beautifully together, and we’re better together as the invitation starts right now for each of us!  We introduced a new song based on our “Pain is a Microphone” message, we got to highlight our outreach partners and see what we get to be a part of worldwide, we got to worship God together, and my husband’s powerful message on Jonah’s story was so great (listen to it here)!

His main points this weekend were:

1) You can run, but you can’t hide: we can’t run from God and when we do, we fight against our own best interest.

2) Your choices impact other people: no one ever gets to sin alone; you don’t get to be an island, your choices always impact others

“It’s easier to miss opportunities when you’re sulking.”

3) You’re far too loved to be left alone: this was one of my favorites! I loved this point my husband extracted from this passage.  God could’ve let Jonah run, but He loved him too much to let him go.  God wanted Jonah to see what He was going to do, and He wanted Jonah to be a part of it.  I was blown away by this. God loves us so intensely!  But not only that, He pursues us and even allows pain and heartache to bring us closer to Him. He is so good.

“God’s discipline is the proof of His love.  He’s not out to get you, He wants the best for you, and He’s determined to see the greatness inside of you come to pass.”

4) You were never meant to build a dam:

“Everything that ever flows to us, God intends to flow through us.”

I’m so thankful for my church, and I’m so thankful for my husband who preaches the Word passionately and leads this church with such wisdom and vision. And now onto Skull Church York & Budapest, and I can’t believe I’m writing these words! Lord God, move in power in the UK!