“lifeboat” (for a rainy day) #sixships


It’s been a month since my husband has been in the pulpit at fresh life as we have had the incredible privilege to bring the gospel and the message of God’s design for sex and purity to the states of Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.  We were able to simultaneously, as a church, learn from God’s Word through Pastor Craig Groeschel as he so generously shared his “Being Rich” series with us!

And now, what a joy to have my husband back in the saddle in this new series “Six Ships”!  Oh my goodness this was amazing as he preached the first installment of this series through these six epic boat stories in the Bible.

And the first story is Noah and the boat (box) God told him to build.

Some of my favorite things about this sermon:

~ Who God is: He is so perfectly loving. He held back judgment for a long time, at least 120 years.  He  gave the people who were stuck in wickedness to turn around and repent and be saved from the flood.  He doesn’t want anyone to perish, He is gracious and merciful and wanting all to be saved.

~ Who Noah was: He found grace in the eyes of the Lord.  He walked with God.  He rested in the Lord.  He believed God.

“Noah cared more about Who he was with than what he was doing.”

I just love the simplicity of Noah’s faith, and it just reminded me of the childlike faith that Jesus talked about in the New Testament. And I want more of this!

My husband’s first point was “Noah took God at His Word.”  Noah simply believed what God told him, and this is such an incredible example for us all.  We’ve got to trust our God and believe what He says from His Word.  We’ve got to believe His promises and walk in obedience.

I loved at the end of his message when he brought up the rainbow.  Oh my goodness, rainbows are personal! God has something uniquely special for each and every one of us, and I love this so much. And I love thinking about the moment Lenya entered into eternity, she saw the rainbow encircling God’s throne.  Beautiful.

Thank you God for Your Word, help me to walk with You like Noah did, strengthen my faith in You and my obedience to what You’re calling me to.

“let our activity flow from our identity.” #walkwithGod

  • Amberly Tanzosh

    I SO love your weekend notes! I look forward to them because I love how much you not only support your husband, but how much God teaches you through your husband. And you share what you learn. So good!

  • Belinda

    Thank you for sharing your notes . The message was so good ! Always look forward to watching online from South Africa