“liberty or death”



Galatians: The Christian Declaration of Independence

Wow. What a powerful launch into this vital series in the book of Galatians.  Once again, my wise and passionate husband preached this passage powerfully and God was opening my eyes to so many things!

“The Gospel is not the ABC’s of Christianity, but it’s the A to Z – the entire thing.  You don’t graduate past the Gospel to deeper and greater things.”

I love the history and the context that he gave on this book, and even the little detail of the fact that this epistle was the only book Paul wrote with his own hand, and that he didn’t start the book off like he did all the others.  I love these little yet important details.

I believe this study through this important book is going to help so many of us with this issue of legalism that we all deal with in some way or another.

“When you walk in the Gospel, you remain the damsel in distress and Jesus remains the hero.”

Be sure to listen to the message if you missed it, and remember to join in the reading plan of the whole book of Galatians each week of this series (nine weeks) one chapter each day for six days of the week. I agree with my husband that God could use this incredibly in our lives as we let His word saturate our hearts and set the pace for our lives!  And if you want to add Acts 13-14, my husband suggested this as well.

Also, I wanted to emphasize the fact that when my husband highly recommends a book, I would at least take note of it for later, if not buy it right away.  It’s always a GREAT book when he highly recommends one, because this man is ALWAYS reading, and he knows a good book when he reads one.

Two books he recommended this weekend were:

Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne

Talk Through the Bible by Bruce Wilkinson



  • Michelle Hernandez Nieves

    God is so good to use these great teachings to transform us. Finally got to meet your husband today, what an answer to prayer. Wish you were here, love you both and all you do. Praying always for you guys.

  • jennifer flaherty

    Love this! So excited to Study thru Galatians with the Freshlife family. Thank you for sharing Pastors Book Recommendations!