“let it fly” ARROWS {release}

 “The secret to success comes from letting go.  Arrows are meant to fly.”


This series is insanely good. Like, if you’re not joining us in this, you’re missing out hugely! I was talking with some ladies after a worship experience this weekend, and they were saying how they’re telling all their friends about this series, telling them, “I know I always tell you that you need to seriously listen to these messages, but SERIOUSLY seriously, you’ve got to listen to these!” listen here.

Let me just say that if you are in a family, just started a family, just got married, want to have a family someday, this series is gold. Pure gold. Some incredible wisdom and insight about the family and how we must view our parenting and our relationships.  Don’t miss out on this gold!

This weekend was full of wisdom and truth about releasing our children as arrows in the target, keeping a light touch on who God has given us in the first place, with our hearts and minds set on Heaven.

“The actions of an open hand will give strength to your heart.”

I loved the emphasis on being a steward of these little arrows.  God has gifted us with these little ones, they’re not ours but His.

My husband preached boldly on how “the children are meant to leave, but the marriage is meant to stay.”  I loved how he straight up said that child-centered parenting is wrong.  Because that’s what it is.  The point is for us to be Jesus-centered, to make Him the center of it all.  Next we honor and prefer our spouse, and then our children come after that.  The children are an absolute priority, but compared to the marriage, the husband/wife roles must come first.

It’s hard.  It’s a balance.  Especially when these children are tiny little arrows who need incredible amounts of attention and care and sleepless nights are involved, and it’s just NOT easy.  In fact, sometimes it seems like it’s not possible that these day will ever end!  I’ve been reading this book called, What’s It Like To Be Married To Me? by Linda Dillow, and she mentions that in the baby stages when everything is overwhelming and hard, we feel like we have nothing left to give our husbands at the end of the day.  But we need to remember that he comes first, and we’ve got to pursue him and fight for our marriage, even when (and especially when) it’s the hardest.  It’s this kind of perspective that helps us in the busyness of children.

“The greatest gift you can give your children is a rocking marriage.”

Preach it sweet heart!!

Fresh Life, we love you.  We’re in this thing called parenting and living towards the target together, and I’m so thankful for that!  Be sure to get signed up into a fresh life group, and enjoy the other half of the whole fresh life experience!