“last call” (opening day) #goldfromGolgotha


This series is SO powerful as we have been studying Jesus’ last words from the cross.  If you haven’t been able to listen to these messages, go take a listen right now, I’m telling you, His words will change your life!

I loved so much how my husband highlighted the truths about Heaven – it’s always a good thing to be reminded to look up.

“Heaven is certain.

Heaven is near.

Heaven is being with Jesus.”

I also loved how he pointed to the thief on the cross who admitted that Jesus was Lord and how he could’ve come to that conclusion by what he read on the cross, “Jesus, the King of the Jews.” And by what he heard from the crowd, “You saved others, save Yourself!” And by what he heard from Jesus’ own mouth, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

And we learned from this thief that, “there are no hopeless cases.” In fact:

“the more desperate the case,

the more space for God’s grace.”

And the thing I want to be more aware of in my life, and apply more is the second point, “the only way to get rid of sin, is to take ownership of it.”  I want to be quick to admit and confess sin to God, but also to others, because that’s where healing comes from. Working and praying through it with the people in my life.