keep your power in it’s place


You know when you hear a message and you think your pastor must know exactly what you’re dealing with and is speaking directly to you?  Well this message and this series has been exactly that.  Yes, my pastor is my husband, and so he does actually see my day to day struggles, but he assured me that he was preaching to himself first.

Which I would like to take a moment and say how thankful I am for a pastor who speaks out of his own issues and struggles.  It’s true that so many pastors preach answering questions no one is asking, but how vital it is to have a pastor who answers the questions everyone is asking.  How do I deal with my anger?  How do I help my relationships?  How can I be the best husband/wife/daughter/friend?

“Without self control you’re out of control and you can’t be under God’s control.”

This weekend learning from Jesus’ example of true strength under control was just incredible.  What a Savior we love and serve!  We learned from Jesus this weekend that true strength is self restraint.  In the garden right before He went to be crucified, Jesus proved His strength by not doing what He could’ve done.  Peter showed us what not to do, bless his heart 😉

My take away truth was the point “manage your emotions, don’t be manipulated by them”

It’s a life changing realization that I am the manager of my emotions.  No one is in charge of them but me.  And if I just slow down, break up the motion of the feeling of anger between the action of anger, the outcomes could be so different and so much better.  When I stop and remember this, my life and my relationships will be sweeter:

“the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”