just add water

rock this city – blitzkrieg


What a special weekend as we focused on serving our cities altogether across fresh life.  Rock This City is so special to me, and I believe such a powerful thing we do as we serve together loving our communities.

And this message was just what we needed to hear as a church, and just such a beautiful message!  Catch it if you missed it here.

We learned that we will never become what we’re meant to become if we don’t add water.

1. our hydration must be continual –

“if we’re going to have water going out, we must have water coming in.”

2. our integrity is essential

3. our focus needs to be generational – there’s more at stake than just our reach, what are we handing off to our children and grandchildren?

4. our commitment is for the long haul

like the Panama Canal, how can we lift what we can’t lift?

just add water.