“in the blood”

Honey I Shrunk the Church

In this message, my husband preached an EPIC message on the power of voluntary submission, as we learned from the wisdom of the locust army.

We learned the importance of laying down individuality for the greater cause, and what we get to do and become when we do it together.

We learned:

~ Knit together we can go further.

~ Interaction makes us happy: I loved learning how the locusts’ true colors come out when they are in community.

“Getting to our God given colors requires community.”

~ Numbers allow for transformation: I want to be Gary the Gregarious!

~ Growth gives us wings: why would you jump, when you could fly?

“Lean into the power of the swarm.”

IMG_9546 Baptism_4_10_2016-18 IMG_9678 IMG_9589 Baptism_4_10_2016-28Baptism_4_10_2016-12 IMG_9585 Baptism_4_10_2016-23

And oh my goodness, there is no place I’d rather be on our 12th wedding anniversary than in God’s House with our fresh family.  I love you Levi, and I love you Church!