“hope has a rope”



Through the Eyes of a Lion

This message is my favorite.  I may or may not say that about most of my husband’s sermons but goodness gracious, this message on hope. PURE GOLD.

“it’s up to you how tight or how loose you let the rope get.”

These truths we learned this weekend are life-changing.  If we let these truths permeate our hearts and minds and lifestyle, there’s no stopping  what God can do in and through us!

I love how my husband said that these are our field notes of grief.  It’s so true, and I am personally so honored to get to share these things with you, because it’s what got us through!

Here are his points, and following are some shots from this weekend.

Five ways to keep your anchor on a short leash:

1.  Heaven is nearer than it seems.

2.  Illuminate your heart with truth.

3.  Assemble with God’s people.

4.  Hold on.

5.  Cue the Eagle.

“don’t let sin keep slack in your line.”

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  • Amberly Tanzosh

    I love you and your family more and more. I know I say it often, but I so appreciate how vulnerable you and your husband make yourselves to others in sharing your grief and what the Lord has shown you through it.