“grace, grace!” (two steps to your left)


This weekend’s message has to be one of my favorites!  What a powerful beautiful word from God’s word, from God’s heart to ours through my husband!

“The Holy Spirit will fill your sails and fill your souls.  He gives you what you need.”

Although my husband has never preached this before, I just love how this message has been part of our church since before the beginning of Fresh Life.  Anyone and everyone who has ever been blessed and impacted through what God has done with Fresh Life Church, has been directly impacted by this truth – “grace, grace!”

“If you feel like you’re a work in progress, you are! He’s working on you!”

I love that Levi gave us such powerful practical tools to confess God’s grace and power over our lives and others!

1.  I am powerful in weakness.

2.  I see every obstacle as an opportunity.

3.  I will see God finish what He started.

4.  I am focused on the end, but not intimidated by the beginning.

5.  I’m a spiritual early adopter.

My favorite (if I had to choose) was number 3.  I tend to become so discouraged with the progress  (or lack thereof) that is in my life.  But that’s just being impatient with the One who is in charge of the process.  I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I was! He is the One who is faithful to complete the work that HE started.  He’s good. He’s got me.  He’s working on me.  He’ll complete the work.  Until then, grace grace! Grace in our hearts, grace in our relationships, grace in our lives.

It’s going to be a great week!

CAN’T WAIT for Through the Eyes of a Lion series starting next weekend, and the book release!

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  • Michelle Wolst

    My husband just prayed and asked God to lead us to a message that would be what we need to hear to continue on in faith. I gave him the shifty eye because I though he knew that this entire message was based off of my life verse, but he didn’t. It was God. Just as it always is. His unrelenting love and grace, grace! We love you guys.