“good things”


What an incredible launch to this epic series.  When Levi told me about this series, I first told him what a genius he is (because he absolutely is) and then I told him I can’t wait for this!! So Pastor Kevin Gerald graciously came to speak life and good things into this House.

I loved having our church hear about how we can see our lives through the lens of God’s favor, and we can look for it and see it all around us.

“A good life, like a good book is made up of many chapters.  A chapter is a chapter, not the story.”

This truth has stuck with me the most.  No matter what chapter we are in the midst of, it’s not the story, it’s just a chapter.  Beautiful.  Praying you see the chapter your in as part of your story, not the whole story.

“Don’t count yourself out of what God has included you in.”