“get with the times”



“When we get with the times, it sets the table for God to move, and to bring bread to the hungry.”

This series is beautiful, and this weekend’s message was powerful.  These truths my husband preached this weekend will change our lives in incredible ways as we are faithful with what God has put in our hands.

“God wants to grow what you’ve been given.”

For me, one of the biggest things I was learning and reminded of was that I just want to be found faithful with the things God has put in my hands.  All that God has called me to, I want to put my heart into it, and do the best with what He gives me.

And I love how tithing launches us into all this.  It’s the times tables of giving, the training wheels, and once we get this rhythm, it will change our lives and how we view our lives, our finances, our everything!

“God doesn’t want to take something from you, He wants to produce something with you.”

And goodness gracious, that visual though! Of Livie lifting Dan Hughes!  That will always be seared in my mind of what we can’t do on our own, but of the power there is when we are pulling together.

“His expectation is our multiplication.”

I’m so thankful for my husband preaching the word with such boldness and conviction, and for this House.  I’m thankful that we aren’t going to settle, but we’re going to keep risking and keep launching until Jesus comes back or we die.

“The riskiest thing we could do is to stop taking spiritual risks. The most dangerous thing we could do is to play it safe.”

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