“frenemies” #BelowAsInAbove

“forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

This series is changing me.  Praying the Lord’s Prayer slowly three times every day, going deeper in to what it means, it’s really helping me practice the presence of God is a practical, precious way, and I love it!

“When a forgiving spirit is in you, enemies lose their power over you.”

This weekend’s message was all about forgiveness. The forgiveness we give and how it has a lot to do with the forgiveness with receive. It’s just powerful and needed and beautiful.  Listen here right now.

“The forgiveness you withhold limits the cleansing you can receive.”

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  • Serene Mathew

    I was going through a tough time…had bitterness towards two people who judged me incorrectly…I wanted to go to their home and start an argument over it…But God saved me from that strife-situation. After listening to Pastor Levi’s message on Frenemies, I decided to forget about the incident and move on. God bless you!