#FourthWallSeries “Smile, you’re on Camera!”

“Practicing the presence of God is your greatest power in temptation.”


These truths that my amazing husband preached this weekend are game-changing, live-altering truths, and we would all benefit from listening again, so here it is for you to catch!

I love learning from David’s example (what to do and what not to do) and this weekend was so powerful as we learned from the downward spiral of his sin.  I think my most favorite point of the weekend was this:

“Every temptation is an intersection.”

When we’re faced with temptation, part of it is the temptation to feel like there’s no way out except by choosing to sin.  But like we learned, God always gives us a way of escape, and gives us an off-ramp.  How good is our God?!

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