#FourthWallSeries “Comeback Kids”


My voice is hoarse and my hands are sore from worshipping and shouting out and clapping this weekend, what a weekend!  It was a beautiful weekend at fresh life, and I LOVE this series with all my heart.  I’m so thankful for how my husband works so hard to study in order to present God’s Word to us.  And the way God speaks through him is just amazing, and this weekend was so powerful.

“God is present in your wanderings.”

I loved the first point:  “jumping the gun will cost you in the long run.”  And how we can get the task right, but often get the timing wrong.  And it was such a convicting thing to hear that the problem that Moses struggled with kept him from getting to enter into the promised land.

“When you don’t control you emotions, your emotions will control you.”

And I also loved the truth we learned that “God’s presence is not based on our performance.”  He’s not nearer to us on our good days than on our bad days.  Even when we’re having a rough Monday, with God it’s always Friday, Good Friday, because when He sees us He sees Jesus.  And His presence can actually change our performance.  Beautiful!!

Catch the message here, remember to pack an OCC box, and have an amazing week!  Love you all!

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