fish out of water

“Jesus doesn’t have your cure. He is your cure.”

I have loved so much how we have found ourselves in an epic little stream of messages about water.  My husband has been preaching on the subject of the living water that flows from Jesus to us and through us into the lives of the people around us.

“Jesus can’t take you somewhere new if you’re comfortable with where you are.”

This weekend’s message from John 5 was so powerful!  Grab your notebook and take a listen, and then you’ll probably need to pause throughout and write down all the golden nuggets from God’s word!

“never let your progress be dependent on other people.”

I think my favorite points of the message are the first two: you can’t be made well against your will, and as long as you shift the blame, you’ll remain the same.  My husband mentioned how sometimes it’s possible to have an addiction to our affliction.  And it’s so true.  In my life, I have found that it can be comfortable and feel safe staying in a state of hurt and pain.  But God has so much for us as His desire and best plan is to heal and make us whole.

And shifting the blame is so easy too!  It’s way easier to blame others for the hurt I feel, rather than accepting my part, and moving forward as God wants for us.  And it is truly a fight.  A fight to resist the comfortable way and to choose God’s best even when  – and especially when – it hurts.




and some shots from our interest meeting in Helena ::


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  • Ms. Montana

    “It’s way easier to blame others for the hurt I feel, rather than accepting my part” So good Jennie! I always strive to own whatever % of the problem is mine. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the argument that “they were 80% in the wrong, and I only contributed 20%, so I shouldn’t have to apologize or own my peice.” But that isn’t what we are called to. If I added 5% to the problem, I try to own up to that 5%, whether they want to claim the other 95% isn’t my concern. But even a small bit of ownership on my part usually starts to soften hearts and tear down walls.