first blood #BloodNThunder

As we’re in the middle of one of our favorite traditions of the year, this weekend was FULL of anticipation and excitement as we learned to experience the beauty of honoring God with first and the best of what we have.

“Honor God with everything you have.  Give Him the first and the best.” Proverbs 3:9

I love how my husband taught that as much as we count it a joy to give back to God the first and the best, Jesus gave first blood so that we could even be called sons and daughters of the King.  Thank You Jesus!  Be sure to catch the message if you missed it, and also hear the incredibly exciting news of what we are giving towards in 2017!

“Tithing unlocks God’s blessings.”


I also just want to say how amazing our staff is.  They took these old, oil drums which were dirty and multi-colored (on a Monday), and they turned them into beautiful works of art (by Saturday)! What I love is that these were free and unwanted barrels, but we made them look incredible and worth something! #SnakeBirdAlert