“face the music” #sorrynotsorry


What a weekend at fresh life!

This series is helping us learn how to mend fences, build bridges, and to best own our mistakes, so that they don’t own us.

Relationships are difficult. They take a lot of work, and often times, they’re more work than we’d like to put into them. But in this series, I’ve really been learning how important and vital it is to put the effort and energy into doing everything I can do to make things right in my relationships.

Psalm 51 was where my husband preached from this weekend, and it was SO good! Psalm 51 is incredible, but the story behind it is just so tragic.  Last week we learned about how David was so quick to forgive, and this week we were learning how long it took for him to repent, but when he finally did, it was beautiful.  Only because of how gracious our God is.  My favorite point being:

“God wants to turn your sin into a song.”

God wants to redeem and restore and bring beauty from ashes. And He’s the Only One who can do such a thing!  David was able to put his story into a song. I love it!

“God wanted David to face the music so that he could write new music.”

That’s really good.

Check the message here.

And have a wonderful week as you let God work these truths into your heart and out of your life. So much love to you all!