“early to bed, early to rise”

If you’re reading this, before you go any further, go listen to this message if you missed it, because it’s so good.  As my husband unpacked these verses in 1 Thessalonians, I was strengthened and comforted and encouraged by God’s Word, and I want you to be too!


Here were the points for this weekend and some of my notes:

1.  Not being clear will lead to unwarranted fear.  We must not be ignorant/in the dark concerning those who have died in Christ.

“Fuzzy thinking will lead to sinking while grieving.”

2.  Because of Jesus, death is only temporary.  Death is just sleeping – Jesus took away the permanence of death.  And what’s Heaven like?  FAR BETTER.

3.  He will either come with us or for us.  my favorite point!!

4.  When isn’t the question, what is.

“keep your armor on to face the dawn.”