deciphering the arrows

We need each other and we can’t do life alone.

Some Christians think they’re okay on their own to figure out how to move through life, but there is a strength and a power and a beauty to life lived in relationships.  Don’t get me wrong, it is messy.  Relationships are messy, ministry is messy, life is messy, but like Proverbs 14:4 tells us “where there are no oxen, the trough is clean, but much increase comes from the strength of an ox.”

We might live cleaner lives without people in them, but we’re missing out on the power and the joy that comes with community.

“if you don’t want to fall by the wayside, you have to let them inside.”

This weekend was just beautiful as we had the privilege of hearing from a few people in our church who have been radically changed by fresh life groups. Catch it if you missed it, but be sure to get in a group if you’re not, and I pray you see the power that is in your personal story.  It’s powerful, and it’s yours.  See you next week for Feature Creep!

“who have you authorized to have eyes on your life?”