“bullseye” ARROWS {aim}

blog_jennie00This Arrows series about the family and living towards the target is going to change our lives, change the course of our families, bring healing to hurting families, and mend broken ones.  Like my husband said this weekend, we’ve got to commit to this series, to be here, to lean in to all God has for us to learn and grow in.

This week was incredible as my husband preached such a solid sermon on parenting towards the target, where we are aiming, what the bullseye is for us.  I loved his second point:

“There are lots of different arrows, but only one target.”

He brought out our daughters for this one, and made his point by showing different actual arrows and shooting them with his bow.  He has incredible aim by the way.

I also loved the third point:

“Arrows extend our reach.”

Our children can go farther the we could ever go.  We can push them to greater things, as we steep them in an atmosphere of faith, asking God to move through them in power.

Here’s the message if you missed it.

An incredible special and powerful weekend, can’t wait for the next one!

Here are a few shots from the weekend, also, our creative team created amazing art and stage design for this series! also, my husband is an incredibly sharp and studly shooter…
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  • Amberly Tanzosh

    Yes! I love this series already! I’ve always loved that your husband does not shy away from topics or truths that unfortunately, many churches do. And he had the most adorable “assistants” this weekend!