#breakingcamp – “We Shall Not Be Naked”

“If we’re in the dark about death, fear will dominate our life.”

An amazing weekend at Fresh Life at all of our campuses. It’s the highlight of my week to come together with God’s people to worship and to open God’s word; and especially to be learning about what happens after we die. My perspective and thoughts about this subject have absolutely been impacted!

This week as my husband preached on the specific subject of our bodies after death, my page of notes was overflowing, but if I had to choose one thing that stood out above the rest, it was what the Bible says about the interval, the time when our tents are taken down and our souls are separated from our bodies. The passages in Luke 16 and 2 Corinthians 12 about Lazarus and the rich man, and Paul going to heaven, made so much sense, that whatever forms our souls take when we die, they have physical-like qualities.

“In Heaven, things will not be unreal, but very real, perhaps even more real.”

Our minds are so limited in what we can comprehend and understand, and it’s so hard to understand what it even means for the soul to leave the body. It can be a scary thought, but after this message, there should be no fear in anyone’s mind, because my husband laid it out so simply. For those who don’t know Jesus, there will be a fear because there isn’t that hope, but the gift of salvation and of hope in life and in death is offered to all!

The biggest thing I feel like God was teaching in all this was that in my body now, in this tent, I need to have more intensity and passion in what God is calling me to now. Because soon and very soon, my tent will be taken down, and I won’t get another chance to do what I can in this tent, before I move on into my heavenly house! “To live is Christ, and to die is gain!” Philippians 1:21

  • Zak

    Love that verse!