#breakingcamp – “Roughing It”

“Life is like a camping trip, only your body is the tent.”

It was the first weekend of our Breaking Camp series, and I know I mention this on twitter all the time, but I really mean it when I say that you are going to want to get in on these messages and you’re not going to want to miss any of it. If you are planted in the house at fresh life, don’t miss a single one!

We’re studying 2 Corinthians 5, all about death and life and heaven, and as usual, God used my husband in such a powerful and bold way to convey such truth that we should all be aware of  now matter what season of life we’re in.

These are some things God was teaching me:

~ point #4: “When you leave the tent, you get to go home.” – “it’s only the tent that gets left behind.” when we die in Christ, it’s a celebration, a homecoming; we get to go home to the place, the paradise that Jesus said He was preparing in John 14:2. For me, knowing Lenya is home brings such peace, such comfort. The times when her death is all I can think about, the fact that she’s home and with Jesus is what gets me out of that pit. My husband mentioned a very personal example of this when he was at Lenya’s grave, and it’s so true, as a parent, we can’t think of her being left alone, but that’s not the right thinking, she’s not alone, her tent is, but that’s not her! And as my husband spoke how he preached to himself in that moment, God was reminding me how majorly important it is to preach to myself when I’m tempted to believe a lie.

~ This message really challenged me to keep a healthy, heavenly perspective when I forget that this tent is temporary and that heaven is our home which is secure, stable, and permanent. Check it out!

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  • Charles Casco

    What a great word… Prayers for comfort during this time… All da way from Maui! May His love strengthen you’re whole family! Pastor Charles (Calvary Chapel S. Maui)