“born for this”





“When you have purpose, it changes your perspective and it gives you great passion and power.”

What an incredible message this weekend as we learned what we were born for:
. . . Adversity
“his desire is that your faith will not be destroyed or dulled by trial, but deepened.”
“In knowing it’s coming, you have the upper hand.” #AnticipatingAdversity
“You can’t be surprised by what you’re prepared for.”
. . . Affection
letting people in, tender attachment, letting people become dear to you
“How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it.” – GK Chesterton
We’re not meant to be an island, but to let people in and to care for others.
“In your affliction, show more affection.”
“Your affection in someone else’s affliction can boost your morale no matter your condition.”
. . . Progress
your potential progress is unlimited – we get to choose how much progress we make!
You get to choose how much you grow in Christ.
“ever brighter”
“today could be the day”
. . . Generosity
generous spirit –  you were born so others could be born too –
“Let your life splash over, no matter where you are, there’s another gear.”
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