“blood money” #goldfromGolgotha


I think this message really struck a chord with a lot of people this weekend.  Seeing different instagram and twitter posts, this was a common quote pulled from the weekend:

“God takes no joy in you wearing the shame that Jesus wore on the cross.”

This weekend we studied the statement:

“It is finished!”

And I loved how my husband said that it was a battle cry, THE battle cry.  Jesus took our shame, paid for our sins, and cried out, “it is finished!”

The first point was “Salvation can’t be added to or subtracted from” and this is so powerful, because this is exactly what we do so often as believers.  We try to do things that we think makes us upright before God, but if we have believed in Jesus and confessed Him as our Lord, then we are IN CHRIST, and that’s the way God sees us!

Listen to the message, and prepare to let your heart be radically changed!

What incredible things we get to see and be a part of, so much love to you all!

Some shots from one of our campuses:

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