“big head, high horse, tight pants” #sorrynotsorry


Such an incredibly sobering message from God’s Word this weekend through my husband. All I’m going to do is write out a few of my favorite (and most convicting) things, and then I’ll link to it, so you can just catch it yourself, because these truths will change how you approach your relationships!

“The presence of pride is poison to a proper apology, and humility will give you the best possible shot to being heard.”

A Chinese proverb said,

“‘If you’re going to bow, bow low.’ and in the same way, if you’re going to apologize, apologize low. Do it with all your heart, or don’t do it at all.”

“Along with what we say, we must analyze and have a game plan for our body language.”

“The apology should be focused on the one who was wronged.”

SUCH good truth and life-changing/relationship-changing principles!

Catch it here, and have a wonderful week as you seek humility in your relationships.