#altarego – Laying Down My Longing For Approval

This series with Pastor Craig Groeschel has been incredible! God has really been using this series to point out things in my life that He wants to work on or change or clean out, and it hurts, but it’s so good!

This week as we learned more about becoming who God says we are, Pastor Craig focused on our need for approval. He went through a list of signs that might show us this need, and I felt like each item on the list described me!

He described this as “the disease to please” and it really is a disease, as we look to others for affirmation or we really care what others think about what we do and who we are.  When he brought up the fact that pleasing people is idolatry, that hit me hard.  Because the truth is, I so often consider what others think before I consider what God thinks, and it’s something I’ve always struggled with ever since I was a little girl.  Wanting  people to like me, being overly sensitive to criticism, having a hard time saying no, having difficulty communicating because of the fear of being rejected, and so on….And this quote impacted me greatly:

“Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you.”

And a very freeing moment was when he had us repeat after him:

“I can’t please people, but I can please God!”

And I’ve just been thinking about this over and over. When he mentioned the 10 places in the Bible where it clearly states who God says we are, it was pretty amazing to see those things listed out.  And one of my favorites was 2 Corinthians 5:20 that I am Christ’s ambassador – the highest ranking representative sent by God to wherever He has sent us. Our job, our home, our marriage, our family, our parents, etc…

In addition to a great message, this weekend was just exciting at Fresh Life as we celebrated the great things God had done through the O2 Experience Tour. The Lord has done great things, we are glad, and we are so fired up for what’s next!

I’m SO excited for our Microphone series starting this weekend!