“a day in the life of a human torch.” #acontrolledburn


Do you want to know what it looks like for a person to be filled with the Holy Spirit? A person whose life in on fire but not burnt up?

Then listen this weekend’s message at fresh life. Go ahead and do it right now, and if you’d like to still read my notes afterward, you can.

I have loved this series and I’ve already said how I believe this is going to be a pivotal series in the life of our church and our generation as we learn that being filled with the Holy Spirit is far more normal than we think. ┬áThis message in particular of what it looks like to be on fire, is huge! And it was so good!

My favorite point was the first one:

There is Power to Witness

The Holy Spirit gives us the help to obey, to be bold. “There should be a craving to tell the world about Jesus!”

“We don’t just say the Gospel, we display it with our lives because we are the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Have an incredible week as you let the Holy Spirit lead you and use you!